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I am a Traditional Acupuncturist & Alternative Medicine Practitioner, specialising in Natural Medicine, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese & Oriental Medicine (TCM, TOM) and Healing Therapies with 15 years experience in Eastern & Western remedial & myofascial & neuromuscular massages for muscular-skeletal structural support, pain relief, trauma & rehabilitation. 

My specialist Well Body clinics for essential health, remedial support, relaxation & wellbeing offer safe, supportive & integrative alternative medicine & complementary care under one roof for men, women & children. I am interested in all my patients & my practice embraces a wide range of health conditions & referrals across Scotland.  My weekly clinics operate from Oban with private appointments & workshops available throughout Highlands & Islands of Scotland.

I also work closely with traditional meditative practices & healing disciplines.  I am deeply interested in the value of wild sourced foods and natural medicine using plants, herbs & fragrance energetics to help restore balance, alleviate somatic holding of fear, anxieties & tensions in the body's structural framework and more subtle terrain.  Inner rewilding is a journey that may be explored through one-to-one sessions, small groups or specialist dedicated retreat work with other international practitioners with whom I work in close collaboration from Europe, the US and UK.      


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Acupuncture & Pain: BBC2 (October 2014)

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Recent biomedical research has evidenced how Acupuncture positively affects the brain's pain response.

This TV documentary shows how Acupuncture switches off the body's pain matrix during a MRI patient scan (magnetic resonance imaging) mapping the two hemispheres of the brain.  
Watch the short video now.

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Recent biomedical research has evidenced how Acupuncture positively affects the brain's pain response.   This TV documentary …

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