About Me

T Mac Bhain: MSc (PDipAcu), ITHMA, MBAcC. Professional Membership with The British Acupuncture Council


The Well Body Clinics are established upon 15 years professional & clinical experience across the UK & over 11 years in the Highlands and Islands.

Professional membership with The British Acupuncture Council.

The Well Body Clinics are valued for their balanced, integrated approach to health, & positive patient feedback.  The Clinics are recognised for fostering a results-based practice and excellent patient care, integrating Complementary Natural Therapies and Alternative Medicine under one roof.  This reputation is based on the strength of natural traditional medicine, using an advanced blend of Eastern & Western remedial therapies.  The Clinics also work alongside mainland surgeries with GP concessional clinic available for first referrals.

Fostering Wellness: Natural Neuro-endocrine Health, Neuro Muscular Skeletal & Pain; Women’s Health:

Over the years, I have developed a special interest in Neuro-Endocrine Health, PTSD and the stress continuum, Neuro-Muscular Structural Health, supported through my natural Pain Release Clinics, & all aspects of Women’s Health.

Alongside regular clinics, patients are encouraged to explore how our sensory & somatic instinctive body & mind is key to our health & wellness.  It is often the secret key to freeing ourselves from all that holds us back.  So much of our wellness is grounded in our psycho-neural-emotional health.  Our challenge is how to learn how best to support ourselves in our busy and stressful daily lives.

I have over nearly two decades of specialist Perinatal practice, including Conception & Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth, & Postnatal Care for Mother & Child.  I am a qualified Yoga and Meditation Instructor and Perinatal Active Birth Practitioner, and have previously worked alongside NHS Birth Units & Hospital Midwifery, The St John & Elizabeth Hospital, London, St Charles Hospital, London, and The National Childbirth Trust.  The Well Body Clinics for Mother & Child work alongside local midwifery & Health Visitor care in the local area.

The Well Body clinics follow strict codes of professional practice & ethics.  Alongside mandatory professional development, clinical practice & supervision, I am active in deepening my professional practice through the classical study of Oriental Medicine (Chinese, Japanese, Thai & Ayurvedic medicine), Chinese language & linguistics, & study of early medical treatises, philosophy & classical texts.  This is invaluable to developing my own practice, expertise & understanding of this beautiful & complete system of traditional holistic medicine, & vital approach to natural health.

Health is a state of ease, wellness and inner knowing of the body’s limitless potential. By contrast, unwellness or dis-ease – is a state of being out of balance, when we feel we are lacking or falling short. It is our natural right to experience the abundance of a healthy body and mind. And it is this starting point – finding balance – that every exploration of health embraces. Learning along the way, the cues our body gives us – often unheard or ignored – to help it better support us at every stage of our life.

My goal is to listen to, support & work with each patient on their unique journey to health, fitness & wellness. Each treatment is personalised to your individual needs using a single or multi-therapy session, & is paced to best support your clinical or relaxation treatment programme, accommodating your personal therapy preference & affordability/ budget. I aim to always support patients with flexible care, to best keep pace with or adapt to your changing needs or situation.

Most importantly, holistic treatment, remedial support & personalised aftercare allows each patient to learn to recognise, & start to take control of the unique stresses, pain & fatigue triggers in your own body. This is often one of the first significant steps towards supporting treatment between treatments, shifting pain, working through unhelpful or unwanted emotional, postural, dietary, stress or lifestyle patterns, & introducing the potential for real & positive change. And healing.

The Well Body Clinics offer specialist integrative complementary healthcare under one roof. It aims to go well beyond a basic treatment & fitness regime, helping you recover an inner knowing, & deeper health & wellbeing in your whole being. I aim to support all my patients on their unique journey to a more healthy, energised & fulfilling life, that starts with a series of small steps & simple positive choices in conjunction with treatment. Each day marks a new beginning. Why not book a treatment & make the first step on your journey today?

Please contact me either by email, if you would like more information or wish to discuss a particular issue. Patient and GP testimonials are also available on request.

“I specialise in dedicating treatments to support each patient on their journey from an often initial painful or stressful outset when they first arrive for treatment, to a more balanced maintenance support programme. As each patient makes the transition from crisis, injury, pain or illness into a more sustainable, relaxed lifestyle, steady progress is underpinned with clear treatment objectives, regular review of progress or outstanding challenges, & consolidated with clear, manageable steps. The end goal being positive health, symptom or pain relief & a new starting point.

My aim as a practitioner is to support each patient from that first step along each following step of the way – providing high quality care & treatment, sharing knowledge, researching particular challenges to best support your progress, teaching easy self-care / relief techniques & helping you grow in the confidence to make the choices to best support you to recover your health, fitness & mental, physical & emotional & constitutional strength. This means more than purely symptom relief, but ensuring you have the tools to nourish & support your whole body to Wellness. To this end, The Well Body Clinics offer a full range of integrated therapies, with 20 years clinical experience, under one roof – complementary care at its best.”

As an adult, I realised how easy it is to take one’s health & vitality for granted. Following a high impact accident, I was given a short six week window to radically improve, or undergo spinal surgery & a potentially limiting lifetime of pain & restricted mobility. At this time I was being given morphine daily to ease the pain & I was unable to walk as a result of full spinal & internal injuries. This extraordinary choice – literally to find an alternative – was the catalyst & transformative first step to my seeking to find an alternative route. First, in my own mind & body. Secondly, in my lifestyle. And afterwards, as it transpired, in a career in complementary & natural alternative medicine.

My professional life has simply flowed outwards from this first step into my journey to understand how the body may heal itself given the right physiological support, right thoughts & right action through the skilful practice of Eastern yogic therapies, healing & Western massage, traditional Chinese acupuncture, & the physical support of diet & healing disciplines including yoga therapy & meditation. Having direct experience of trauma, working with the body’s complex pain mechanisms, the rehabilitative challenges involved in healing and recovering one’s health, makes a substantive difference to my work as a practitioner, and the ability to understand, empathise and work closely in a meaningful way with patients, is reflected in the health of the clinics, and firmly established onward system of patient word of mouth and consistent results.

The clinics now specialise in Muscular-Skeletal Structural & Remedial back & body care, Pain Clinics, PTSD & trauma & with a special expertise in the fully life cycle of Women’s Health including Perinatal care for mother & baby from optimising fertility to the months following birth, to living fully through the menopause and beyond.

I am interested in all my patients & so I am interested in treating all conditions presented by patients as they come through the door – this ranges from acute pain such as back problems or migraines, ME, fibromyalgia, anxiety & sleep disorders, eczema, IBS & osteoarthritis.

I have been blessed with many incredibly gifted teachers, practitioners & international specialists who have shared their learning so generously. Some of these are shared on my links page. And with my patients who have taught me to listen deeply with my hands & heart, working together to achieve the best results. I believe that my own story of healing & freedom from pain has gifted me a first-hand understanding into the serious & debilitating nature of pain, & through learning simple techniques to work with this, deepened through my study & clinical practice, using every tool that mind & body offers us, has been integral to my experience as a practitioner and healer. I am always struck with how important it is to recognise that, once we start to learn how to work with the body, rather than against it, this is the first real step towards making significant progress, liberation from pain, & inner transformation – & how when these elements are linked holistically, progress can be real, change lasting, lives abundant, and our hearts full.

I have worked in the following health centres & clinics, with a dedicated focus on integrated complementary care, working alongside the medical profession & GP services.

Argyll – current practice: Traditional Acupuncture & The Well Body Clinics:

  • The Well Body Clinics in Highlands & Islands
  • NHS Highlands, GP Concessions Clinic

Previous practice:

  • The Taynuilt Medical Practice (NHS Highland Surgeries)
  • MS Therapy Centres
  •  Midwifery Units & Birth Clinics – private & NHS
  • The National Childbirth Trust
  • Funded by  local NHS Primary Care Trust

London Clinics

  • Viveka Integrated Health Clinic
  • Oeuf Fertility & Perinatal Clinic
  • The St John & Elizabeth Hospital Birth Unit,
  • Bliss Complementary Health Centre & GP Service

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