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The Well Body Clinics: A Natural Approach to Vitality & Health



Integrating Eastern & Western alternative medicine:

Good health - is not just the absence of disease or pain

Good health is not just the absence of disease or pain.  According to Traditional Oriental medicine, our health is dependent on the body's motivating, vital energy moving in a smooth & balanced way.  This circulation, in addition to the transport of blood & fluids, courses through a series of vital channels or meridians bringing health, strength & vitality to the complete holistic organism. 

In Western medicine, the closest equivalent to these vital pathways may be understood as the dense network of neural-vascular pathways & the integral role of the fascia.  Just as the fascia binds, bonds & nourishes our structural & energetic integrity, from the body's muscular skeletal system & internal organ system, & to its micro intracellular health, so the meridians invigorate & transport qi throughout every level of the body.  In classical texts, the linguistic etymology of the name of channels - Jing Luo - is comprised of the fine web & weave of silk worm cocoons, literally mirroring the dense meshing of fascia & neural pathways, increasingly understood in contemporary biomedical research, as vital to all aspects of the body's health & immunity.

In Traditional medicine, this energy is known as 'qi'.  When our system is in balance, our body is at ease - Mind, heart & body is integrated & at one with the self.  This is our natural state of balance, our 'neutral' position , eliciting good health of mind, spirit, heart & body.   Conversely, the body is quick to tell us if it senses it needs support.  Signs & symptoms offer a subtle inner warning system, the body's way of signalling that we are off-balance.  Intuitively, we may often sense this, but with too busy lives, work & over-stimulation, over-taxing our system, we can ignore or forget to listen to this important inner prompt.  Dis-ease is the natural progression of this continuum, until finally the body sickens , literally forcing us to stop.  And to take stock. 

The Well Body Specialist Clinics:

The Well Body Specialist Clinics are here to help you to address & to redress this balance, with specialist clinics working to support you across all your health needs - natural traditional medicine helping you & your body to restore & re-energise. 

Please call or email to discuss in confidence.  All clinics work with or alongside GP & NHS area healthcare service, providing supportive alternative medicine & complementary care. 

Whilst most patients access the Clinics with a specific chronic or acute health need, & specific signs & symptoms, including physical or emotional pain, this is often only one element of a much wider, deeper or entrenched constitutional pattern which is also addressed & treated.  All consultations work to this end - treating both symptoms & the underlying cause - with a carefully considered strategic treatment plan, specifically addressing your unique constitution & health aims & priorities. 

Working with the Body - the Natural Way:

The concept of Qi underpins all systems of medicine & healing traditions.  In the West, its  closest equivalent may be interpreted as the vital atomic &  molecular energy of quantum physics that informs all matter & space, holistically binding the universe, man & nature, in a shifting interplay of energetics & matter, invigorating all of life from its most gross, dense form to its finest ethereal matter.  In Eastern cultures, Qi may also be referenced as prana (Hinduism), lung (Tibetan Buddhism), chi or Ki(Korea & Japan), or pneuma from ancient Greek allopathic medicine & philosophy.  It literally translates as breath, air, life force or energy.  It instils & invigorates & enervates every aspect of life - the our vitality of our blood & fluid physiology (JinYe);  metabolism, digestive health & immune function (protected by different aspects of this Qi);  the healthy energetic functioning of our internal organ systems (Zang Fu & the internal channel system, or its neural pathway enervation; & underpinning & governing the whole being, our psycho-emotional health & brain chemistry (Shen). 

The Well Body Clinics work to alleviate & release your body's signs & symptoms, whilst also addressing the underlying cause.  This is known as Ben & Biao acupuncture - Root & Stem Acupuncture -& seeks to treat the entire physical-psycho emotional-energetic body in order to restore inner & outer balance. 

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