Digestive Health

Living & Eating Well

Digestive health underpins every aspect of physical stamina, quality of life, emotional balance and wellbeing.  In Chinese Medicine, the digestive system is called the Cinnabar Field, Dan Tien or precious place of storing grain or treasure.  It is the foundation of life - our daily physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, vitality, stamina and health.  In Oriental medicine, digestion is not just about what you eat, but when you eat what you eat.  Our state of mind as well as our physical state of health is central to this, and supports a healthy gut and bowel function.

Food is our natural medicine.  Eating well - digesting vital foods, as close to source as possible - and ensuring we take this natural medicine three times daily rather than as a background to other on-the-go or distracting activities  - should ideally provide us with all we need.  Yet, in reality, this is not always so.  And if balance in diet is unique for each person, with so much choice, global intensive farming practices, mineral deficiencies and daily stresses that each tax our systems, all have a part to play in why digestive & immune health is so front of mind in western and eastern approaches to health.

Traditional tongue & pulse diagnosis with gentle abdominal palpation is integral to your personalised assessment and discussion of your digestive health, & any challenges you might be facing & triggers to any flares or upset to a balanced gut & bowel.  All treatments are supported with a nourishing blend of remedial techniques to help support the digestive system between treatment.

If you would like to know how your digestion might better support you, please call or email in confidence.  Or book an appointment.

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