Emotional & Cognitive Health

Looking for help is a sign of health

Ease of mind & mental wellbeing lies at the heart of Traditional Oriental Medicine.  Our psycho-emotional health is integral to every single aspect of our lives.  Just as our physical  bodies support the functional aspects of  life, so our state of mind & more subtle emotions inform our Essence & quality of life.  In Oriental Medicine the heart-mind is called Shen.  When we are at peace with ourselves, we inherit an abundance of wellness that supports all aspects of the self - an inner fortitude, resilience to stress, strong immunity, clarity of thinking, memory & concentration, good sleep & an ease of heart.   Living well, in balance & at one with ourselves, cultivates this Jing is our natural inheritance.  Jing Shen - our psycho-emotional equilibrium - is arguably the foundation of all health & wellbeing.  

In addition to food and herbal practices, living a life without extreme stress can positively influence how we grow and develop, nourish our genetic makeup, sustain and safeguard our health.  Chinese medicine is rooted in the understanding that supporting our kidney-adrenal function not only counteracts stress, but holds the building blocks for the quality, foundation and longevity of life.   In classical medical texts, this is called nourishing Jing or Essence, and directly influences our future health potential.


Emotional Patterning - Reintegrating chronic pain, anxiety & fatigue:

With hindsight, we often commit to take better care of ourselves.  But it can be hard to change longstanding patterns, or to mould more supportive structures.  Over time this self-neglect, can lead to low level patterns that become more entrenched - over using of food, alcohol or sexual contact, addictive patterns to tight structures or routines, intensity of work, or over-focus on others, as a panacea and route to happiness, often leading to a lack of respect for our bodies.  These stuck habits or feelings of being stuck in a rut, worrying or turning over problems may further disconnect us from ourself and others.  Emotional upset or unease may be compounded by feelings such as frustration, resentment, isolation, fear, worry, grief, insecurity, anger, anxiety, insomnia or depression.  This internal pain pattern is often mirrored externally by physical pain or fatigue in the body, that comes and goes, or which worsens with dietary or emotional triggers.   Sometimes it can feel too much to cope with.  Or that there is no way out.

Treatment is gently supportive, and works to nourish our system during difficult times of stress. Integrated treatment may use Traditional Acupuncture and a blend of other therapies to best support your personal requirements.  Herbal & nutritional support may also be helpful, alongside gentle physical exercise, relaxation exercises using guided breathing, mindful practice, yoga or meditation.  You may also be taught how to use self-acupressure, and gentle use of press-on acupuncture stimulus to aid rest and relaxation between treatments, & to stimulate the body's natural pharmacy of hormones & natural opiates - often cited as 200 times more powerful than chemically formulated morphine.  These natural agents have no harmful side effects & are stored inside our body's & may be accessed naturally through simple, easy to learn techniques.   

Stress, trauma, anxiety, physical impact & PTSD:

The Clinics have a specialist interest in neuro-psycho-emotional health &  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Treatments may integrate gentle auricular Battlefield Acupuncture, & constitutional & auricular-therapy (acupuncture to the ear) used by paramilitaries across global war zones to alleviate the mental, physical and emotional effects of pain, trauma, and shock.  NADA protocol may also be used to help addiction based patterns including smoking.  Increasingly, high level or psycho-emotional stress, & PTSD, is reframed to our deeply embedded somatic memories, & is often linked to difficult childhood & early life experiences - emotional war zones - characterised by periods of physical or emotional stress, trauma, anxiety or fear, or due to physical impact or accidents resulting in a structural or physical shock to the body.  This somatic memory & neural circuitry - stored in the thalamus, neural cortex, amygdala & hippocampus - may be triggered by later life events, such as the death of a spouse, child or parent, a high impact accident or injury, or an emotional event that is suddenly difficult to cope with or to integrate.  Please call to discuss in confidence.


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