Weight & Metabolism

Treading lightly

Traditional acupuncture works closely with the neuro-endocrine system.  It is this system that governs our hormones and the subtle neuro-chemistry of the body. When we are firing on all cylinders, our energy and performance is at optimal levels.  But at different times and stages of life, sometimes we can feel that something is lacking or falling short.

External influences such as stress, nutrition, sleep may all affect our body's performance and its ability to calibrate efficiently.  When it is sluggish or running empty, it is common to notice fluctuations in mood, weight, focus and concentration, and often a build up of soft tissue swelling or oedema.  In the Traditional Oriental Medicine system, this is understood as imbalances in the body's fluid physiology, commonly leading to a build up fluid, often around the ankles, knees, upper arms or on our face.

Traditional acupuncture works to support our system, to nourish and tonify our energy, working to clear oedema and cleanse our system, as well as helping kickstart weight and metabolism.  It may also used as a gentle but effective means of supporting the body's delicate hormonal system, with a particularly nourishing approach to Women's Health issues.  Traditional Acupuncture at The Well Body Clinics is routinely used to help support patients manage acute and chronic hormonal concerns, including thyroid and menopausal imbalances, alongside normal GP care.

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