Women’s Health

Nourishing Health & Abundance. At all stages of life

Women's wellbeing and health is closely linked to the menstrual cycle at different stages of life  - a shifting rhythm of hormonal changes, metabolic balance, blood and fluid physiology that inevitably affects our physical strength, mental outlook, energetic balance and emotional stability. From the start of your menses or menstrual cycle, to the full maturation of your reproductive body in the years post menopause, your body regularly changes throughout your life.  These transitions, like the menstrual flow, should be regular, moderate and painless, signalling the ease and natural transition between each stage of life.  Yet for many women, reproductive health is a disempowering, painful and traumatic time, which increasingly is over-medicated, leading to further symptoms and side-effects.

In reality, the stresses and constraints of modern living can deeply affect the female system, disrupting the body's circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, and negatively impacting on our underlying reproductive health.  In practice, this often results in symptoms linked to the monthly cycle, fertility and reproductive health, postnatal depression or fatigue as well as hormonal spikes during and after menopause.  Many patients use acupuncture to support their body, and often to prevent routine management of their body through HRT or thyroid stimulating drugs.

The Well Body Clinics offer specialist treatments for Women's Health, and may be used as stand-alone treatment or alongside conventional medical routes.  The practice embraces the full female reproductive cycle giving support at all aspects and stages of a woman's life.  The Women's Health Clinics also specialise in Traditional Acupuncture for Fertility, Pregnancy & Childbirth.


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