The Well Body Clinics: A Natural Approach to Vitality & Health


Over the years, my experience as both a practitioner & patient, has demonstrated how Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & Traditional Natural Medicine, combined with an advanced blend of Eastern and Western complementary therapies, enables one of the most effective, and efficient routes to health.  

The Well Body Clinics are based on this understanding.  The Clinics operate through a results-based practice & positive patient feedback.  I work holistically & in a multi-disciplinary way, focusing on either single therapies or an advanced blend of integrated multi-therapies that are most appropriate for you and your organism at this moment.  

In Traditional Oriental Medicine, each person has a unique constitution and a unique set of challenges.  Therapies in essence become a dialogue between you and your body, helping you release pain or symptoms in the efficient and responsive way for you.   This allows you - your physical & energetic body - to be heard as a unique individual, & to be treated at many different levels.  Patient feedback attests to fast, efficient pain relief, & a natural route to better health- relieving immediate acute symptoms or presenting pain, whilst also, importantly, addressing the underlying chronic causes. 

Your Personalised Consultation: Treating Symptoms & Underlying Cause

I work with each patient holistically.  Great care is taken to create a uniquely personalised treatment strategy and plan for each patient.   In traditional medicine, each individual has a different constitution, physical body, lifestyle, health history, diagnostic needs & emotional challenges, so each treatment commits to uniquely address you, as you are at this moment in time.  This is reinforced with detailed classical and contemporary pulse and tongue diagnostics using both Traditional Oriental Medicine and Western pulse readings, & detailed health assessment.

Symptoms are treated efficiently, with detailed pulse & tongue diagnostics used as an ancient, responsive tuning into your body at its deepest level.  This means going deeper than outward physical symptoms to address underlying or constitutional weaknesses that often flare during or post times of stress, anxiety, injury or at times when it is more difficult to incorporate a helpful lifestyle and diet.   

All first appointments offer a detailed consultation including pulse and tongue diagnostics to assess you are at this moment in time, together with a health history overview , full structural assessment, nutritional & dietary overview, & energetic-holistic review.  I work closely with my patients to select the best possible treatment strategy for them, with detailed consideration given to any GP prescribed medications & GP or other traditional allopathic support.

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