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The Well Body Clinics: A Natural Approach to Vitality & Health

Acupressure  is a traditional Oriental medicine therapy with its clinical roots in Traditional Acupuncture & Traditional Medicine.  Traditional massage includes Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese & Japanese Acupressure, Thai-yoga Massage, Chinese Tuina Massage & Daoyin.  Western massage such as reflexology, triggerpoint therapy, osteopathic soft tissue & cranial release techniques may also incorporate the use of acupressure.

The Well Body treatments offer a nourishing blend of Eastern & Western acupressure massage for therapeutic, remedial & energetic outcomes, & relaxation.  This is an advanced skillset of Complementary Therapy & Alternative Medicine, bringing the best of Eastern & Western natural healing disciplines into a single integrated treatment. 

What is Acupressure?

 eastern-1Physical pressure is slowly and rhythmically applied to a network of acupuncture points that run along traditional meridian pathways, from the head to the feet, using the practitioner's hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, and feet.   Traditional Acupressure uses different types of palpation and gentle to firm pressure to your individual depth of comfort.  Gentle massage and synchronised balance of physical pressure and release is skilfully applied, either through clothing or direct to skin.   A treatment plan is developed to accommodate a unique pattern of acupuncture points, specifically selected for your personalised diagnosis.

Acupressure may also use gentle stretch reflexes, to optimise muscle response, co-ordination and balance, postural alignment and overall structural and functional integrity, together with a closer focus on more dynamic points.     In Western medicine, these areas are understood to be rich in neuro-vascular pathways and joint proprioceptors, encouraging the body's dense network of fascia, connective tissue, musculature and spinal reflexes to mobilise, cleanse and re-energise the entire system.

This approach is an excellent adjunct to many forms of medical treatment, or for essential health, relaxation & wellbeing.    In addition to muscular-skeletal problems, a rich clinical research base also evidences the holistic effectiveness of acupressure across a broad reach of common ailments and health complaints, including relaxation and wellbeing.

What may I expect from Treatment?

Treatment includes a detailed consultation, including a structural assessment, tongue & pulse diagnosis, & consideration to your unique emotional & physical constitution using Traditional Chinese diagnostic skills underpins every treatment or programme.

Treatment employs slow, gentle rhythmic applied pressure through loose clothing.  Working the body's twelve meridian channels using a combination of massage with stretchwork & joint mobilisation techniques, a light to firm pressure releases & restores energy, nourishing tired muscles & balancing the subtle energetics of the body.  Traditional Acupuncture may also be incorporated by request, as well as other remedial massage techniques as appropriate, especially where the treatment goal is pain release.  The treatment also includes gentle cranial release techniques of the head, neck, lumbar spine & feet, for deeper relaxation & restorative balancing.

This approach is an excellent adjunct to many forms of medical treatment, or for essential health, relaxation & wellbeing.

Shiatsu & Tsbuo Therapy:

Shiatsu, a modern Japanese healing system, is rooted in the ancient philosophy and practice of Oriental medicine, which originated in ancient China.

In Japanese “shi” means finger and “atsu” pressure. Shiatsu is an oriental massage in which fingers, palms, elbows and knees are used to apply pressure along the Chinese acupuncture meridians. Like acupuncture, shiatsu aims to stimulate and balances the body’s vital energy, known as Ki in Japanese and Chi or Qi in Chinese. Shiatsu is given on a futon, on the floor, or on a treatment couch with the client fully clothed.

Japanese shiatsu uses acupressure to locate and stimulate tsubos - vital points or places of special physiological and energetic importance on the body.   The character for tsubo suggests an earthenware vessel or hollow jar, which is to be handled with care or extra sensitivity.  By analogy, the vital points on the organic vessel of the body, hold the potential to relieve symptoms and aid recovery of vital energy if stimulated correctly.

Shiatsu is incorporated into both Eastern and Western bodywork modalities.  It is variously described as acupuncture without needles or acupressure; an Oriental approach to physiotherapy or soft tissue manipulation; or integrative remedial therapy, applying modern Western and chiropractic soft tissue release to influence lengthening musculature, mobilising joints, and increasing flexibility by a variety of gentle and safe stretching, rotating and levering techniques.  Whilst all of these things, essentially, shiatsu is healing system that stimulates the receiver's subtle energy or Qi flow.  In this respect, Shiatsu works to to nurture the potential for revitalisation.  As a therapy, it is as much a practice for developing growth in awareness as it is a physical therapy - rather than being mechanically physical, it is physically mindful, aiding rest, relaxation and inner calm.


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