Organic Aromatherapy

The Well Body Clinics: A Natural Approach to Vitality & Health

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline used in modern natural medicine, using the traditional healing properties of plants. The clinical & energetic classification of medicinal plants, originating in ancient Sumeria, Egypt & the natural plant & herbal medicines of China, Tibet & Indian Ayurvedic medicine, form the basis of modern aromatherapy.

The word 'aroma' means a fragrance, & 'therapy' means aromatherapy is a treatment designed to bring about a positive therapeutic change. Aromatherapy treatment works using the application of natural plant extracts, from herbs, flowers, seeds & roots, collected & distilled, & applied to the skin in the form of beautiful natural oils. Some treatments may also use creams, atomisers, herbal poultice or gauze. Its primary use as a therapy is to help the body to heal itself by stimulating homeostatic balance. Treatments may calm & relax, uplift & tonify, detoxify & cleanse the system, de-stress & nourish, or simply invigorate your primary vital systems, depending on your planned treatment outcome.

Gold Accredited Natural Organic Oils - the purest plant essences for your health:

At the Well Body Clinics, only the purest highest grade of organic plant extracts are used. All aromatherapy oils (NHR) are accredited to the highest gold standard by the Soil Association Organic gold accredited, & produced to the most therapeutically responsive 'food grade' standard, rather than to the generic lower grade of 'health & beauty' product, available in most high street stores or therapy practice. This means that you as patient can trust & be reassured that your body is nourished using the highest grade of natural oils available in the world.

These organic essential oils are selected for their highest clinical therapeutic strength. manufactured naturally in the leaves of aromatic plants during the process of photosynthesis, & then stored in the flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds, or root. These are extracted organically, using procedures that store the integrity of each plants chemical components, utilising its healing & therapeutic properties.

The Well Body Clinics: Aromatherapy, Traditional Oriental Medicine & Diagnosis:

Advanced integrative treatments may also, depending on your treatment plan, incorporate a more focused diagnostic approach into your aromatherapy treatment. Closer work uses a traditional medicine approach, using gentle observation & palpation of the face, skin, & abdomen, observing the breath, voice, posture, & physical constitution, together traditional tongue & pulse diagnosis. These treatments aim to support your body with a focused two tier approach - blending the best of Oriental medicine, together with the clinical actions of the purest organic essential oils and natural plant extracts.

Aromatherapy massage: what to expect from treatment:

Gentle to firm massage to your preferred depth of comfort is used to calm, relax & balance the system. Massage gently drains toxins & congestion, from the lymphatic & muscular-skeletal systems. Treatment stimulates relaxation & recovery of the muscle & skin tissue, by delivering fresh oxygenated blood carrying vital nutrients & minerals to the local area. Careful selection of the right combination of natural essential plant oils for you aims to relieve pain, reduce stress, calm the mind, strengthen immunity & balance the primary systems of the body. The clinics have a special interest in all immune, respiratory & gut related conditions, alongside the mainstream muscular-skeletal & pain clinics, & specialise in an integrative approach using Aromatherapy & the full breadth of Oriental traditional medicine.

Treatments include a full & detailed consultation, including any pharmaceutical drugs that you may have been prescribed. Natural essential oils will be chosen to support your clinical health needs, & to ensure the therapeutic actions support your prescription or any other health or medical treatment you may be receiving. The Well Body Clinics work alongside the western medical route, & share good communication with many local GP surgeries in the wider area. If there are any concerns before treatment regarding an illness, or possible contra-indication to treatment, permission may be asked to contact your GP to ensure that treatment is advised.

You may also be given a personalised therapeutic blend of natural plant oils to take home for use between treatments, together with remedial stretches, easy self-massage acupressure points, & relaxation techniques. This helps give your treatment continuity, & supports a more holistic integrative approach - helping you to find simple ways to incorporate natural plant medicine & essential oils into your daily routine.

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