Perinatal Mother & Child

From Conception, to Birth & Beyond

If you are preparing for a baby, are pregnant or have recently given birth, your health & that of your partner & unborn child, will be an ongoing priority.  Embracing fertility, discovering you are pregnant, nourishing stamina during gestation, or preparing for the birth of your baby, are each some of life's most profound and moving experiences.  It is also a time of great internal change that can be physically and emotionally demanding as your body adjusts to prepare for a new life. 

This natural journey is often described as a 'rollercoaster' of physical, emotional, & hormonal challenges even when it appears to be going smoothly - often an indication that your body may need a little extra support to help you during key transitional stages along the way. 

The Well Body Clinics for Women's Health are designed to support your changing body from the early stages of preparing for Fertility & Conception, to Birth and Beyond - helping you and your baby prepare for your unique journey together.   With specialist support for preparation for conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery, the Clinics also provide gentle, safe and natural complementary support for your new baby, alongside midwifery and health visitor services.

With a specialist background in Fertility, Assisted Conception, Perinatal Natural Alternative Medicine & Complementary Care, Active Birth preparation for Pregnancy from 20 weeks, Labour & Active Birth, Baby Massage & Postnatal care for Mother & Child, The Well Body Clinics for mother's, babies and children, are here to provide a wealth of support.




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